Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm Here, Just Not Posting

Still alive. I thought of my mom today at the post office. I went to mail a package to my niece and as I went up the steps of the main downtown post office, I couldn't help but think of my mom, like I always do when I go there. I don't go very often, which is probably why I think of her each time.

We used to go to the post office to mail her Avon order and after she mailed her envelope we would play hide and seek around the tall shrubs. The shrubs are all cut short and close to the ground now, but when I was a little girl they were taller and they seemed even taller because I was so little.

I remember going around them and looking for the eagle head at the center. I knew it was an eagle head and I can totally see it now but back then it seemed like it was so hard to make out. My mother and I would look at it for a while and then she'd remind me that it was late and we had to go home. I miss her.

My kids are playing. Seth is "pretending" to be a baby. Imagine that! A baby pretending to be a baby!

Good night.

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RG said...

Loida your Mom was a wonderful lady. I have sweet fond memories of her too.