Friday, December 30, 2005

Las Nuevas Tamaleras* No More

The plan was for my sister and niece to come from San Diego after Christmas so we could all make tamales together because we missed the lessons at my cousin's restaurant. But as it turned out one sister went to Mexico with one of our cousins and my niece had drivers' ed.

When things didn't go as planned I assumed that we weren't going to do the tamale thing after all. Turns out they still wanted to do it but I had already told our "teacher," my mother-in-law, that we weren't going to do it after all. Then she told me they had a party to go to Friday night and she had a cold and Rey was having knee surgery so it just didn't seem like a good idea any more.

Instead my other sister brought over her free turkey and she and San Diego sister are making turkey and stuffing. I laughed at the thought. I told my sisters that we pretended to be tamaleras and instead we ended up making a very American food. What a contrast! We can't deny or American selves.


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