Saturday, October 29, 2005

Back from Vacation

I know that I should be blogging about the cruise but I don't have time. It's something I may do later. I kept a daily journal of our travels. I'll just tell you what I learned.

1. Don't go on a cruise during hurricane season
2. If you have children either
a. Wait until they are 3 years old and completely potty trained so they can go into the kids' club on the ship.
b. Or only take them on a cruise that caters to small children.

That's all I'll say for now.

When I got back I learned that a friend from school had died on Saturday. I wasn't close to her but I had a couple of friends that were close to her and I'd known her since middle school. I met her when I was 11 and she was 12 or 13. She was in 7th grade and I was in 6th grade with her sister. I decided to go to the funeral and I didn't expect for it to affect me the way it did. It was very sad. I couldn't remember being to the funeral of someone my age before.

Later I remembered a friend from high school who died right after graduating from college. Somehow this was a little different from even that experience. I was faced with my mortality. This woman was only 36 years old when she died. That's an incredible thing to imagine! It made me so sad... I still don't even know why she died. They did an autopsy. Seeing death in the face makes me question my own life all over again.

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