Thursday, July 07, 2005

At Work At Lunch

I brought my laptop to write during lunch but then a co-worker from Downtown came by and we started talking and there goes my hour. I only have a little bit of time left so I thought I'd post something.

I actually brought my lunch today to save money and points. I should have known better to eat at my desk though. I should have been upstairs in the lunchroom. But it was nice seeing her anyway because she motivated me. She's lost 25 lbs! She's looking awesome.

I was also late today because I wanted to check on Seth to make sure he was OK and that I didn't have to take him to the Dr. He's OK, just very blistered. I worked from home this morning and that's always hectic.

I said I'd comment on Weight Watchers and I haven't. I got sidetracked with the whole rain and Seth's burn story.

This is what I'm going to write to the company. Why can't I print out my receipt from the online service and take it to the meeting to get a discount on those? I don't think it's a good idea to do the program online and then have to pay twice. I have to pay full price for the meetings and I just want to go there once a month to weigh in for some accountability. But then I have to pay for the weeks I miss too.

Isn't that crazy? I think so. Also, I couldn't give them my real starting weight before I lost these 7 lbs. I have to record the weight of when I started with them. Well that doesn't incentivise me. Okay, maybe I could look at it differently but it's going to be pretty darn hard.

So that's my Weight Watcher's story.

Oh yeah, also during lunch my sister has to call to stress me out that my father wants to rent my old apartment behind his house and I have to get all my crap out of it. How fun! It's always something with my dad.

Stories to come later: Books I found at my dad's house that were in the attic and my love of ink.

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